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Single Origin Coffee-Sumatra-Silimakuta Nuel

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Operating from a small collection center in Silimakuta, Nuel & Norma buy from around 100 farmers (near Saribudolok and the north shore of Lake Toba). At first glance, Nuel and Norma appear as a typical coffee collector family. Step inside Nuel’s home though, and you’ll find they are far from ordinary. A hand-built roaster, and remnants of experiments reveal that he is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what Sumatran coffee can be. He plays with a multitude drying and fermentation methods just for fun. This creativity is much needed in the Simalungun region, where lack of agronomy education has led to many farmers replacing coffee with orange trees over the past decade. The orange market is much more volatile than coffee, and farmers often end up worse off than they were producing coffee. Thanks to Nuel, Norma and our importers in Sumatra, this trend is slowly being reversed to assist Sumatran producers in commanding the prices they deserve. 12oz.

Region: Simalungun, Toba

Producer: 100 smallholders

Varietal: Sigararutang, LiniS795, Andungsari

Alt: 1300 - 1400 masl

Process: Wet-Hulled

We Taste: Chocolate, Pineapple, Grapefruit

Single Origin / Light Roast