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Elizabeth Farms


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'​Nduja ​Originated ​in ​Calabria​, ​a ​particularly ​spicy​, ​spreadable ​pork salame​, ​featuring Calabrian ​chiles ​which ​give ​its ​characteristic ​fiery ​taste​. ​This ​'​Nduja ​melts ​onto ​toasted ​bread ​or into pasta ​dishes​, ​adding ​the ​heat ​of ​Calabrian ​chilies ​and ​the ​meaty​, ​salty ​flavor ​of cured ​pork.

Size: about 8oz

About Elizabeth Farms: Elizabeth Farms is home to the rare Mangalitsa pig. They are their pride and joy. When the pigs are not foraging across the 250 acres of woodlands and pasture, they are fed a non-gmo grain diet which is also supplemented with milk byproducts from their local dairy friends at Oasis at Bird in Hand.
The Mangalitsa pig has a higher fat content than typical breeds. Also referred to as the Kobe Beef of Pork, the flavor of Mangalitsa is unbeatable. With deep red meat and pure white marbling, this is the way pork was meant to be!


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