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Kilhaney's Pickles

Kilhaney's Organic Pickles- Dutch Dill 32oz Jar 

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Our Dill Pickle Spears are handcrafted to perfection in small batches at our New Jersey store using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Working in small batches allows us to focus on quality and consistency to provide you the most delicious pickles possible. Enjoy them on their own as healthy snacks at home or on the go, or enhance the taste of your favorite sandwich, bbq or entrée.

Tasting Notes:
One of our best selling flavors, these "Dutch Dill" Pickles are made with fresh grown dill, cucumber and a unique blend of spices and brine to create a superb salty/sweet and buttery taste. Don't be scared to try them, you will get hooked!

Organic, Gluten Free, All Natural and No Preservatives