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High Street

Chicken Grilling Kits

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Marinated chicken thighs ready for the grill (6)

Seeded challah rolls (6)

Slaw/house bread & butter pickles (pint)

Tabbouleh salad (quart)

Watermelon Salad with mint & pickled peppers (quart)

Potato salad with dill & capers (quart)

Berry Pies (6)

Ingredients:  Chicken thighs: olive oil, paprika, dried onion, aleppo pepper, cumin BBQ sauce: ketchup, sherry vinegar, molasses, dijon, tabasco Slaw: green cabbage, red onion, vinegar, mustard seed, olive oil, sugar, salt Tabbouleh: farro, kale, parsley, green onion, aleppo pepper, lemon, red wine vinegar Watermelon salad: melon, jalapeno, scallion, mint, rice wine vinegar, honey, shallots, lime Potato salad: red potatoes, mayo, dijon, lemon, dill, capers, shallots, salt, black pepper Challah rolls: sesame seeds Hand Pies: butter, spelt flour, ap flour, local berries, sugar, egg


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