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Burlap & Barrel

Grenada Gold Nutmeg

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Guaranteed to wow you!

This nutmeg comes from a small farm in the hills, run for generations by the Ramdhanny family. This is only available in small quantities, so don't miss out on this incredible addition to your spice cabinet. Each jar holds 6-8 whole nutmegs. Grate with a microplane or grind in a spice grinder to add to baked goods, breakfast dishes and savory stews (nutmeg in braised meat is an classic flavor combo) to add an intoxicating fragrance and complexity.

Tasting notes: Citrus Peel,  Eucalyptus, Tropical Warmth

Cooking: Sprinkle ground nutmeg into squash, potato or other blended vegetable soups. Add grated nutmeg to pies, cakes and other desserts. Grate over cocktails and punches.

Sourcing: For centuries, the Caribbean island of Grenada has been renowned for producing some of the best nutmeg in the world. The nutmeg is so closely intertwined with Grenadian history and culture that it is even represented on the national flag. Nutmeg is native to the Moluccas in the South Pacific, and was first planted in Grenada around 1843. The temperate climate, mountainous terrain and rich volcanic soil of the island create an ideal ecosystem for nutmeg cultivation, and Grenadian nutmeg is known for its sweetness and complexity.

About Burlap & Barrel: Burlap & Barrel is a new kind of spice company. They work directly with partner farmers who grow the most interesting, beautiful and delicious spice varietals and distribute them faster and fresher than anyone else. And as a social enterprise, they ensure that all purchases support the farmers directly. 


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