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Susquehanna Mills

Full-Flavor Sunflower Oil Non-GMO

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This is full-flavor, raw sunflower oil. It's significantly more buttery, & rich than a lightly refined variety. It may be used in salad dressings, mayo, to sauté, deep fat fry, etc. We recommend trying this one as a vegan substitute for butter, as your go-to popcorn fat, or drizzled anywhere you want a buttery flavor! As this oil is not refined, it may appear slightly opaque in the bottle.


Size: 25.36 fl. oz. (750ml)

About Susquehanna Mills: In 2006, Susquehanna Mills was born when the founder became interested in cost-effective bio-diesel for the vehicles he used in his construction business. Since then, they have evolved from a supplier of bio-diesel to a manufacturer of quality Canola, Sunflower, and Hemp cooking oils whose top priority is sustainability. To that end, they practice Full Circle manufacturing, wherein some of their vehicles & many of their farm partners' vehicles are powered using waste oil from partner restaurants and universities.


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