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Rice Vinegar

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Rice vinegar is such a common staple that i tots easy forget that it’s also kind of a miracle. Rice becomes koji, koji become sake, sake becomes vinegar. After so many transformations, the wonderful aroma of the rice remains, which is why Keepwell chooses their grains with care; each batch currently employs koshihikari from Next Step Produce & Carolina Gold from Geechie Boy Mills.

Use rice vinegar for simple salads, stir frys and noodle dishes, as well as to season rice for sushi!

Ingredients: Rice, Water, Sake Yeast, Yeast Nutrient, Koji Spore, Vinegar Mother

375 mL / 12.68 fl oz.

Please note, bottles are marked “Refrigerate After Opening”. The vinegar will never spoil at room temperature, but the probiotics it contains will create a raft that floats in the bottle.


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