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Breakaway Farms

Ground Beef

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Our mission at Breakaway Farms is to gather more people together so that they can build strong relationships. We do that through our high-quality, clean meats and poultry.
  • Pasture raised beef
  • Hormone free
  • Non-GMO fed
  • 80/20 lean to fat

 Portion Size: 1lb Frozen


We believe in environmental sustainability and animal welfare. We believe that all animals have the right to fresh air, sunshine, fresh water, and exercise. We try our best to allow every animal the ability to fully express their natural instincts and behaviors. All Breakaway Farms animals are grass-fed. Our cattle and sheep eat only grass and are finished on a high energy 100% grass diet—they never eat grain. Our pigs, chickens, and turkeys roam our pastures, rooting and wallowing, scratching and chasing bugs, and are supplemented with free choice access to a locally milled, Non-GMO custom grain mix. The result is nothing short of the finest meats and poultry you will find anywhere.


We believe in supporting our local, rural economies. From the feeds to the farms, the harvesting to the butchering, the packaging and, finally, the selling of our products, all of these activities happen in your neighborhoods. We call this our “Food Shed” and it means that when you buy local from Breakaway Farms, you’re also buying local from a multitude of other farms, families, and businesses that contribute products and services. Buying from Breakaway Farms keeps your dollars right here in your home towns where they continue to benefit you and your community.


We believe in the nutritious, life-giving benefits of healthy, clean meats and poultry. Our grass-fed and pasture raised meats are lower in fat and calories. They are higher in critical nutrients like Vitamins A & E and even have cancer fighting properties. Our animals are never given regular shots of antibiotics and hormones, nor are they confined in unnatural housing like concrete barns or chicken houses. The result is nutrient dense meals for you and your family. Our mission at Breakaway Farms is to gather more people together around the table so that they can build strong relationships and we do that through our high quality products.