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Wild Yeast Bakehouse

Cinnamon Raisin Sourdough

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The lovely Meadowood Sourdough, with an ample inclusion of raisins and roasted cinnamon. Wonderful toasted.

Ingredients: Organic Bread Flour, Stone Ground Whole Wheat, Raisins, Cinnamon, Water, Sea Salt

About Wild Yeast Bakehouse: Wild Yeast Bakehouse is a community-supported microbakery located in Radnor, Pennsylvania.  They specialize in the crafting and delivery of small-batch, naturally leavened (aka ‘sourdough’) bread emphasizing ingredients sourced locally. After 30 years in corporate finance, John, founder and baker at Wild Yeast Bakehouse, redirected his efforts  to his ‘side’ passion for connecting to others through food.  A self-taught baker, he found himself captivated by the art and science behind slow-fermented, naturally-leavened bread. Wild Yeast Bakehouse was created in April, 2021 to share this passion with the local community.  In addition to providing delicious, healthy bread to their customers, the company also strives to promote and support the local grain economy by sourcing ingredients from local farms and grain mills, wherever possible. 


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