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Milk Jawn

Cha Yen (Thai Basil with Thai Iced Tea Caramel)

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Milk Jawn can't keep this in stock! It's currently sold out but we got our hands on some pints just for our members!

Unexpected. Refreshing. Flavorful and incredibly yum. That’s how Milk Jawn would describe their new flavor, which is a Thai basil ice cream swirled with Thai iced tea-infused caramel. They're calling it 'Cha Yen,' which means 'iced tea' in Thai. To make it, they infuse the ice cream base with fresh Thai basil, which gives it a subtle earthiness. Then they make their own caramel with Thai tea-infused cream and swirl it through the finished ice cream. The basil balances out the sweetness of the Thai tea, so it doesn't go so over the top. Sounds complicated maybe, but it's simply delicious.

Size: 1-Pint

Ingredients: Cream, milk, sugar, nonfat dry milk, whey, Thai basil, Thai iced tea mix (tea, artificial flavor (vanilla micron), FD&C Yellow No. 6), butter, tapioca starch, guar gum, locust bean gum, sea salt.

Contains: Milk

About Milk Jawn: Milk Jawn is a small batch, premium ice cream jawn based in Philly. According to us and Philadelphia Magazine, they create the greatest ice cream in all of Philly!  They use fresh, local PA dairy and make their ice cream Philly-style (without eggs), which is the best way to deliver their amazing flavors. Milk Jawn began as a hobby in Amy Wilson’s kitchen back in 2012, and has since grown into a business with the help of Ryan Miller and Cathryn Sanderson.


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